Spain Day #1: Garnacha de Gredos

Our first day in Spain was as amazing as you would expect, so I'm not exactly sure where to start. I think it best to start at the beginning... The Madrid was nothing short of HUGE (picture my best DJT voice). If this was an airport blog I would…

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Why Wine?

As a brand new entrepreneur, and someone without a vast wine background, I've been asked this question a lot recently. "Why wine?"A few years back I went over to a friend’s house to hangout. He opened a bottle of wine but before he poured it, he did…

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The Water to Wines Blog – Introduction

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night! Depending upon where you are in the world. I am Keith Spreckels Jr and I am pleased to welcome you to the Water to Wines Blog! Let's do a quick once over about what this is, who I am and what…

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