Spain Day #4 & #5: Cava

Traveling from Rioja to Penedes, the main wine region for Cava production gave me all of the feels. I loved Rioja, but I was equally excited to go see Penedes (Peh - nay - dace). First, just in case, Cava is the sparkling wine made in Spain (near…

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Spain Days #2 and #3 – Rioja

Yesterday was our first day in Rioja. I have hard time describing the feeling I had knowing we would get to spend time in one of, if not my favorite, wine region to drink wine from in the world. After sipping cafe con leche (yes, coffee. With…

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Spain Day #1: Garnacha de Gredos

Our first day in Spain was as amazing as you would expect, so I'm not exactly sure where to start. I think it best to start at the beginning... The Madrid was nothing short of HUGE (picture my best DJT voice). If this was an airport blog I would…

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