South Africa: Preview & Travel Day

It's 7:56 am right now in Cape Town, and we are up on our first day preparing for what is to come.Let's rewind though.It's been a few weeks since I blogged, so I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!We have been prepping for South Africa for…

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Importing Wine, How Does it Feel?

I wanted to post an update overall from a personal perspective about some things I have been thinking about. Our first wine order is sitting in Oakland at the port, ready to be unloaded as I am typing this and it lead me to think about how we…

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Producer Profile: Finca Collado

A little over an hour south of the great city of Valencia, Spain; deep in the heart of the Alicante D.O. (wine region), lies the farm, or Finca, Collado.  Finca Collado is restored from a 19th century winery, and works to embody that restoration; taking the traditions…

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Producer Profile: Rexach Baques

Let's. Talk. About. CAVA!  Those that know me know that sparkling wine is my favorite thing there is. I've even been caught saying that is all I would ever drink if I had to choose 1 beverage forever. It is simply the best. So you can imagine my feelings…

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Why the Wine Industry?

I’ve gotten this question a lot lately when I transitioned from my previous position to working in a field where my knowledge base consisted of “I like it.”. But Blair... Keith is the sommelier, why are you posting your thoughts about wine? Because I wanted to give…

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Harvest Party! Sonoma and Napa

After letting it sink if for a week, I thought it was a good time to share our experiences in Sonoma & Napa. So much happened in such a short amount of time, that I needed a week to really think about it all.We had been speaking…

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Producer Profile: Bodegas Demencia

If you have seen some of our posts this week, we are focusing on a single producer of ours to showcase as much about them as possible for the week. This producer is Bodegas Demencia.Before we dive into more about Nacho Leon, the proprietor, and his project…

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History of the World: Part I

The title was only an homage to Mel Brooks, not the real title of this series. This is the introduction to the History Series!  Seems pretty vague I know, but we needed to be sure to keep things easy so this is it! These posts will focus on……

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