First Attempt in Learning

When I was growing up my mom, who seemed to give really good advice that I never listened to, gave me an acronym for the word “FAIL.” I hate failing. I hate losing. I looked at failures of any kind as a loss. But just like everyone else I’ve had lots of failures. Sports failures (for those of you who know me, I was really good at these), classroom failures, performing arts failures, even personal relationship failures. Most of us are afraid to fail because we are scared what others might think of us but if you are really trying at anything in life, you have to have failures. We all failed the first time we tried to walk as an infant but as babies, we don’t care what other people think. We all got back up and tried again until we figured it out. So, why do we become so terrified to fail when we get older?
Some of the lessons that have stuck with me the most aren’t from my successes but my failures. This is where I’ve learned the most. I don’t have a single success in my life that didn’t come from multiple failures leading up to it. Albert Einstein himself once said “failure is success in progress.” 
The end.
I wish my post was that simple today. I wish that knowing that failing is okay and telling myself not to care what other people think could solve my risk aversion. It’s not that simple. 
I went bungee jumping in New Zealand on a study abroad trip, I went skydiving in Abilene, KS, I jumped off the top of a telephone pole on a ropes course in Arkansas, and yet I am terrified of heights. I wouldn’t consider any of these failures but there was definitely a mental struggle for me to do these things. I came out fine on the other side of all of them but that doesn’t mean they weren’t frightening. Trying new things is often times the hardest part. I’m not over my fear of heights but I definitely feel like I’ve gotten better at being able to recognize that fear and grapple with it. 
I guess what I’m trying to say is, my hope is to be able to identify what fears I have from failing. To recognize those and identify them as things that could potentially hold me back. My goal is to fail at something every week on my way to honing in my skills. I know that failing is okay, that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid of it, but I’m trying to get better at understanding that it’s part of the process to achieve success. After all, “FAIL” is just an acronym for First Attempt In Learning.
I’m looking forward to the mini failures that will lead to a big success on this journey of being an entrepreneur. 

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