History of the World: Part I

The title was only an homage to Mel Brooks, not the real title of this series.

This is the introduction to the History Series! 
 Seems pretty vague I know, but we needed to be sure to keep things easy so this is it!

These posts will focus on… you guessed it! History!

History of wine regions from throughout the world will be a big focus as we go, but to start we have something a little bit different, but just as interesting.
When we were in Tenerife, we visited a winery that we will highlight more later on, and at this visit the owner gifted us a book.
Amongst the many amazing things that happened in our trips to Spain, this takes the cake.A historian in the Canary Islands wrote a book that is close to 1000 pages about this history of wine in Tenerife and how it has impacting wine in the United States.
This book and his findings literally change the landscape of what we thought of wine in America around the time the 13 colonies became independent.
When I was told some of the information in the book, my jaw hit the floor.
It. Is. Groundbreaking.
I will follow this post up with a full summary of what the book is about including all of the important facts you would need to know.
Then, I’ll document the detais as I read the rest of the book, split up into a few different blog posts.
So, for you history buffs, buckle up! The history series is going to start of with a wild ride!Until next time, Cheers!


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