Human Engagement

A few weeks back I wrote about the importance of a social media presence for companies. I mentioned this strictly because I feel like it’s an easy fix for a lot of businesses. It would take just a little effort to focus on those platforms to create an online presence. The flip side of that however is the human component. To have one without the other doesn’t make sense. It’s easy to focus online sales and build a brand online but many customers seek a connection to a real-life person.

Last Friday we had our first wine tasting event. After six months of staring at a computer screen it was revitalizing for this extrovert to get to interact and connect with people. I love meeting new people, finding commonalities between us, and discussing topics of interest. It was also rewarding for me to get a chance to share the stories of the winemakers and people we met on our trips over the summer. We knew it would be important to connect with the people we would be working with in the wineries but we got to see our vision come to life as we shared about the experiences through a VR headset, through story telling, and through informational sheets about the wines we represent.

We could have just let everyone taste the products we had available and decide for themselves what they liked, but being able to make the wine come to life through our experience with each individual winery added a depth and complexity to every bottle. It was so cool to see people’s eyes light up as we told about 60 degree slopes, or the small plots vineyards we visited in the mountains, or the caves where the wine was stored. 

When we first started this venture one of our potential investors said to us that he would rather invest in a “B” idea with “A” people than an “A” idea with “B” people. A true compliment to us but I mention this to say that a strong social media presence isn’t enough. It has to be backed up with people who are passionate about what they are doing. This was just our first event, we have 4 more planned for December alone. We are so excited about sharing these interactions with other friends and family at these events as well as streaming them live on our social media platforms. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow us on social media. If you can make it to one of our events, we would love to tell you more about where we have been, what we are doing, and where we are going. With the hope that our excitement will be infectious as we continue growing our business.

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