Producer Profile: Bodega Nieto de Señora María

The winery of the grandchildren of Maria…that is what this lengthy, yet telling name translates too. The grandchildren (Jesus, Juan and the family) started this passion project a short time ago. Such a short time, that their first wine released in June of this last year. 

Before we jump in too far, let’s talk about where they are located.Navandrinal, a quaint mountain town in the Avila province of Spain. This is to pinpoint them, but to be a little more broad, they are a little over an hour outisde of Madrid to the west. The Cebreros D.O. is the government designated wine subregion, in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain. 

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Neither of those things really tell the story though. The mountains that the region is known for, the Sierra de Gredos Mountains, are what tell the story of the region of this burgeoning winery. The mountains outside of Madrid produce an “up and coming” style of wine that wine drinkers of all walks are started to clamor for…. Garnacha de Gredos.

Garnacha in Spain has become known for medium to even full bodied, bold, big flavored wines that can be on the verge of inky in density. The world has shown they love this style. Make room for Garnacha de Gredos. Garancha produced in the Gredos mountains is a wine all in itself.The higher altitude, the cooler climates, the old bush vines and the organic farming coupled with natural winemaking styles are producing Garancha that is fresh, lively and pure of fruit, while being more light to medium bodied than their other Spanish counterparts.
This Garancha is more akin to something a Pinot Noir drinker would enjoy and most of us who have tasted these wines couldn’t be more excited about it.

 Bodega Nietos de Senora Maria is setting out to not only make wines their family would enjoy, but are focused on making sure the world knows the wines of their ancestors are as good as any! Armed with the gentlemen who has made it his life’s mission to bring Garnacha from the Sierra de Gredos Mountains to prominence, Daniel Ramos, BNDSM (for short) is as far along on their mission as a winery can be while only being 6 months in to their first wine!
Daniel Ramos has been making wine under his own labels for years and has taken many under his wing, and is consulting winemaker on this project as well. A rising tide raises all boats is surely the approach he is taking, and he couldn’t be more right. 
The original winery is in a garage across the street from where their family works on a daily basis. And by street, I mean a sidewalk where cars drive essentially. This town is up on the corner of a mountain and is barely 200 people on a busy day. They just began building they new winery and should be done soon, as their production is already expanding.

We are excited for many reasons to be representing this winery. They are family oriented, passionate and as kind as could be. They have gone out of their way to let us work with them, as wineries of this size don’t normally need the headache of exporting this early on. They will tell you the same thing, though, when we all met something just clicked. 

One day soon, we believe these mountains will be given their own designated wine region, because they truly do showcase one of the unique wines of the world, and the family at Bodega Nietos de Senora Maria are carving their way into the scene, already showcasing how good their wines can be with 1 single wine. 
If you ever find yourself in Madrid let them know. They would love to show you their passion and welcome you to the winery they built with their grandmother in mind, and let you taste the life blood of the one of the most unique wine regions in the world.

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