Producer Profile: Finca Collado

A little over an hour south of the great city of Valencia, Spain; deep in the heart of the Alicante D.O. (wine region), lies the farm, or Finca, Collado. 

Finca Collado is restored from a 19th century winery, and works to embody that restoration; taking the traditions the farm and winery were built on and progressing them in a way that shows what it needs to be today. 
The winery is located in Salinas, a city about 30 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. The full translation of the winery means “the Farm at the top of the slope of the valley”, which you can see perfectly when standing on the back or front decks of the winery itself. 
On their 100 hectare estate, only 12 are planted to vines. The rest are dedicated to many other things, mainly olives, almonds and apricots. Nothing beats walking up to the winery and being greeting with freshly picked apricots… well, unless wine was included!
Along with those crops, Chardonnay, Malvasia, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moscatel and Syrah grapes are grown, and all in sub soils that are great for their cultivation. So many soil variations in this farm really speak to the unique set up and show character in the wines that otherwise wouldn’t be there. These grapes themselves grow in their own single vineyard plots, creating single vineyard wines at a price that is unbeatable.

The man behind the mask, the Wizard of Oz if you will, the one doing the wine making…. is Joan Guia. Joan has done a wonderful job of taking the international variety wines (Cabernet, Merlot, etc.) and enhancing them, while at the same time showing the varieties that are native to the region (Monastrell) in a way that is on par with the best of them. His restrained winemaking style produces wines of elegance, and balance that is hard to produce in a region that gets as hot in temperature as Alicante. 

Add this to the list of wineries you will be able to learn more about soon. Joan and the rest of the Finca Collado team are starting to garner a little recognition and rightfully so. They are producing wines of quality and value, which is what people want. To boot, they are also some great people, which always makes drinking the wines that much better.

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