Producer Profile: Rexach Baques

Let’s. Talk. About. CAVA!  Those that know me know that sparkling wine is my favorite thing there is. I’ve even been caught saying that is all I would ever drink if I had to choose 1 beverage forever. It is simply the best. 
So you can imagine my feelings knowing we get to import and some amazing Cava from an equally amazing family. 
I am speaking about Rexach Baques (Ray-shack  Back-es)
To tell their story we need to start in 1885 in the city of Guardiola de Font-Rubi. This city is about 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, in the Penedes wine region, in North Easter Spain.     

Pere Baques Rafecas, the founder and grandfather of the current generation was born here in 1885.  Fast forward to 1910, when he started making wines at the end of the barber shop run by his parents. Around this time he started searching for the perfect space to make caves to store his wine, and by 1915 he had the space. The original cave was 7 meters under ground, and was only used for a shrot time (but is sitll in operation today) , because he found that 14 meters under ground was the ideal depth and temperature. This is where the wines are still housed to this day, in over 2 kilometers of caves, 14 meters below the surface of their estate.

3 generations pass and now the 4th generation of family ownership and winemaking is afoot: Montse Rexach Peixo is the owner, winemaker and whatever hat you think she has to have, because with her husbands help she does it all!

The estate is gorgeous to say the least. Tucked back Font-Rubi, which is a town of around 2,000 people, when you pull up you really only see the street and the house, so it is very unassuming. 
Once you walk around back, though, it really starts to take shape. A perfectly manicured lawn leads back into 60 year old & older Parellada vines that are on the estate. It’s rustic, homey and really speaks wonders about the region itself. The family lives on the estate in their home, and the winery is right next to it. It doesn’t look like a lot of space until you walk inside…

The production facility is efficient and just what it needs to be. The real magic is in the caves.
They seem endless when you walk down, and it is breathtaking to see, even if you have been into sparkling wine caves before.
The most surreal thing is the original cave, that is over 100 years old. The bottles fill the room, with the original equipment and the heart and soul of each person who used to live there. You can feel it when you step foot in it. It’s near impossible to describe, but an amazing feeling.
Montse and company are as great at what they do as it gets. The elegance, the liveliness, and the personality the wines she makes have encompass everything that surrounds them. To say she puts herself into these wines is an understatement. Heck, they even disgorge to order, which isn’t anything but a labor of love and truly shows how much they care about what they do.
She has done her family legacy, which includes making the wine that Salvador Dali prefers, wonders and continues to grow it in ways that would make them all proud.

Look for profiles over her wines soon! We couldn’t be more excited to share these wines with everyone.
I mean, they are bubbly, but don’t need a celebration. Drink them anytime. Tuesday night? Yup. Friday afternoon? Yup. All the way to New Year’s Eve, an obvious time for bubbles I know. Bubbles should be treated as wine and used as such. Keep that in mind next time you head to the wine shop. You will be happy you did.

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