Self Care: Part 2

Things have been in full swing here at Aquam Vinos! Which has been a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding, we still have lots to do but in the midst of a busy schedule I have found that’s when it’s easiest to start making excuses. “I didn’t wake up in time to eat breakfast/workout/do my daily reading” “If I wasn’t on the go all the time I would be eating healthier.” “I don’t have time for that, I’m just too busy.” It’s embarrassing to say but I’ve used each of these lines before, more than I’d like to admit.

Most of us tend to cater to something or someone else when life gets busy or stressful which can leave a person feeling drained. Then what I end up doing at that point is giving less than 100% to multiple things. Family, work, personal relationships, all get less of me. Luckily for me my body tends to shut down (will someone please invent a sarcasm font?) and I end up sick and eventually have to get rest. Whenever I had a big project in college that I was staying up extra hours to cram for, I could just about count the hours until I would be sick. 

You might be thinking to yourself,“Wow, Blair, thanks for this inspiring and uplifting post after taking a month off.”

You’re welcome. I write all of this to say that the second part of self-care and one of the best things I’ve learned how to do is manage my schedule. It’s easy to over commit. A colleague once told me that we only have 100% of ourselves to commit. So, when we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to something else. If that something else is an hour of Netflix, it may very well be worth it. If that something else is time spent with family, it might not. When Keith and I first started working together we would meet at 8:30,9, sometimes even 10 at night because we both had small children and spending time with them and helping to get them to bed was more important than whatever work we had to do. If we cut into any time, it would be our sleep, not time with family. 

This is something I’m still working on and admittedly, my time management isn’t perfect but I do feel like I’m getting better. Some would say this comes from maturity, those that know me well would disagree, but I think it comes from a general understanding of my priorities. Every once in awhile I have to check myself to see if my schedule reflects that the things I say are important to me, are taking priority. If they are, then I know I’m on the right track. 

Until next time,

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