Spain: A Recap in Words

We spent almost 8 full days in Spain and have now been back in the US since Tuesday night. I wanted to take a few days to let it sink in before I posted a recap. 
First things first, we were supposed to land Monday night, but in true O’Hare fashion, our flight was cancelled. We then stayed the night, and almost had our flight cancelled the next day as well. Needless to say, after how great the trip was this was bound to happen.
That was a small price to pay for what we were able to accomplish and experience in Spain.
A few non wine things that were pretty cool. We watched part of the Spain / Portugal World Cup match and saw Ronaldo tie the game up with basically no time left. I didn’t realize until I saw it in person how intense the love for their country and futbol team was.  A sports moment I will never forget.
I loved the idea of drinking coffee 3 or 4 times a day. I DID NOT love the idea of getting made fun of for ordering my coffee “con leche” (With milk for all of you English speakers out there). 
And to boot, their gas stations were top notch. They put QT to shame. Imagine QT times 5, plus a dine in restaurant that served 3 course tasting menus. Not only is this not exaggerated, they had them every 30 or so miles on the highway. Their food game is on ANOTHER LEVEL.
As far as wine is concerned, I am still having a hard time putting into words how unique the experience really was. To be able to see up close and personal what farm to table REALLY means, and how each region uniquely has wine and food that meld together is simply amazing. I have read in countless books this fact and know it to be true, but to be able to see it on a daily basis as we traveled around Spain is special.
Overall, the travel across the world to procure wine could not have gone any better. We are thankful to God for the opportunities and for guidance in an otherwise unguided world. There will be some more official wine information upcoming as we get the contracts and deals done and get some wine on the water! Water to Wines! Aquam Vinos! 
These next couple weeks will consist of cutting video, cutting podcasts, getting everything up and running and prepping for another trip to Spain.
This time to the NorthWest and the Canary Islands…thanks again to my wonderful wife for enabling me to complete this journey of connecting people, through wine.
If you could only see the zoo my house is on a daily basis, you would understand.
Until next time…

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