Spain Day 4 & 5: Tenerife

Lucky for us we got to sleep in a little bit, but were up and at em around 9 am. The beach here is unreal. The island itself is barely a hop, skip and a jump from Lanzarote and it looks like another world. We learned that all 7 islands feel like they are completely different, which is yet another reason the Canary Islands are so amazing.
We got some breakfast and headed up the mountain to our first winery – Bodegas Reveron.The trip up was something to remember. The roads were SO steep the car almost stalled out a few times and for sure did 1 time. It wasn’t gradual. We went up to about 700 meters above sea level in a very short trip.
Bodegas Reveron has some history, but is an up and comer in the international wine trade. It was a fun place to visit, the wines were solid and we prepared well there for our second winery of the day.Again, the grapes from today were unique: Listan Blanco, Malvasia, Listan Negro, Barbosa and even a few more. (Leest-on Blonco —- Mal-va-sea-a —- Leest-on Negro — Bar-bosa) 
 We had a meeting in the afternoon at Bodegas Altos de Trevejos and the owner Enrique. As I said, the first winery was fun, but we didn’t realize the day we would have going into our second meeting.We spent 5 hours with Enrique. We went to the winery, tasted the wines, ate an amazing lunch (which consisted of a few things, including the best Tortilla in all of Spain) all before going to the vineyards.In case you haven’t read, Totrilla essentially an egg, potato, onion, garlic and pepper casserole that is traditional here and I do my best to be sure to eat it everyday.
We met the owner, winemaker and the machine (as they called him) and those 3 are the only people that work there. They hand label, hand pick and hand do everything. They ALSO make sparkling white and sparkling rose with Listan Blanco and Listan Negro respectively. This is what attracted me to the winery in the first place, but they ended up being so much more.
The tours of the vineyards themselves got better and better as we went further up the mountain. A professional photographer came with us the whole way and he ended up being a great guy as well. Old plantings here, old plantings there, experimental plantings too: Enrique and his family do it all.So not to take away from the blog dedicated to them I will leave it at this: He and his winery and his family are exactly what we look for in wineries. It was so refreshing, pleasant and as perfect as it could have been.
The views from Tenerife and the feeling we had while in the grapes are hard to describe. It was just two days in a row of feeling like we KNOW God is watching us. We know it happens, obviously, but when you can feel it come over you and feel like “I know this is why this is happening” it is something that cannot be described unless you have felt it.

He has been creating moments like this in my life a lot recently, so I can see them coming, but between my wonderful family, and this life he is helping create for all of us, these moments are something I like to hold on to. All I could think when looking off the terrace of their new tasting room, in the middle of some of the oldest vines on Tenerife, staring off into the ocean, was that I cannot wait to bring Jill, Elliot and Everett here some day to share with them what it is we get to do.The best part? I know for a fact Enrique would welcome our entire family with open arms.

​​On a side note, Enrique introduced me to a book about the history of wines from Tenerife that just was finished being written. It is a friend of his who wrote it, so he GAVE me his copy to take home.The book is the history of wines from Tenerife and how their wines impacted the United States in a way we didn’t know before. The basis of this book BLOWS MY MIND.
It literally changes history of America in the eyes of wine as we know it. We thought and are taught, that when our founding fathers raised a glass to the new country they used the wine of Madeira to do so.
This book debunks that fact and spells out how and why the wines of Tenerife were ACTUALLY what was in the glass.
I am cheesing just thinking about reading it.
I will be doing a full blog series over the book and explaining what it says. It is only in Spanish, so I will be translating the whole book as I read it. I think this is something too important to not speak about.Look for those blogs coming up soon. I was going to wait to talk about it, but it is SO exciting to me that I couldn’t help but put a little teaser out about it.

Our experience in the Canary Islands was a highlight in 2 trips full of highlights, and we cannot overstate how excited we are to bring you the people, stories and wines from this breathtaking region

Until next time

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