Spain Day #6 & #7: Valencia & Alicante

As amazing as this trip has been, this is the point where we all started to get tired. To think I had the bright idea of coming for 16 days instead of 9 is crazy at this point. I am sure glad my wife said something about us going for a shorter time, for two trips, instead of all into one. 
Once we got up and got going, It turned out to be as great of a day as the rest. 
We went south to Alicante (Al-a-con-tay) to me with the winery Finca Collado (Feen-ka Co-yado) in the morning which was almost 2 hours south of where we were staying in Valencia. The winemaker, Joan, met us there and took us around the vineyards. He has been the winemaker here since 2008 and is on the forefront of making well balanced wines in a HOT region. We had a nice breeze, but to say these two places were hot is an understatement. 
The Fince (farm) was surrounded by grapes in every direction and many different soil types. They specialize in Monastrell, which is one of my favorite red wine grapes in Spain. Like all other places we went, we weren’t sure what to expect but knew if they reached the potential we hoped then it would be a successful trip. We can get into the wine itself later, but either way the trip was wonderful getting to see another beautiful region and meet some great people.  
We then headed north back up towards Valencia and met Eva, who helps export the wineries we were at today. She let us hop in with her and we set out to Finca San Blas. One of these days soon I will do a profile on Eva, but for now let’s just say she has been a huge help in this process and does a great job for the wineries she works with.
Fink San Blas is in the Requena (Reck-quane-ya) region is considered one of the pioneers of the Bobal grape. This is a red grape in which the region specializes in, and Nicolas, then wine maker, is a champion for Bobal and helped revive its existence. Along with him and the owner, Antonio, they are being sure to keep history in their minds while progressing everything forward.
Needless to say, the day was as good as any and the relationships we built were again, exactly what we were hoping.
That was the biggest part of this trip that we didn’t want to over look. Could we have met people over the phone? Yes. Would it had been the same for many reasons? No.
We spent the week traveling around Spain and meeting the people we were hoping to work with, to be sure we were all working towards the same goal. 
I am pleased to say that it was a successful trip and we know we have God to thank first. 
We leave for the airport in the morning and return home tomorrow night, with a new found perspective on how this is all going to go. We couldn’t be more excited to start sharing some of these stories with the world. 

Thanks for following along on this journey with us! 
Until next time…cheers!

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