Spain Northwest: Day 2 – Bierzo

When our alarm went off at 6 am after a few hours less sleep than we needed, I wasn’t SUPER thrilled.When I came to and realized we had a day to spend in the Bierzo (Be-air-tho OR Be-erz-o ) D.O., I immediately woke up.
After a much needed gas station breakfast (you should SEE the food they have at gas stations here) we got on the road to Bierzo. We stayed in Leon the night before, which is a more well known cities when it comes to the cities in this region, but we got in so late we just went to bed. From what I understand, Leon is a fun little city. So thanks to Leon for letting us sleep for a few hours. Maybe next time we can hang out.
We thought it would be a good idea to go to 3 wineries today. On paper, It wasn’t a good idea, nor was it a good idea in theory. That is too much to handle, and really doesn’t let us spend enough time with anyone. We found a way to make it work and work well though, and with how wonderful our last scheduled meeting was (which happened to be the first winery), I am glad we went through with it.

We spent the day tasting Godello and Mencia. If you didn’t read Day 1’s post, (Go-dayo) is a white grape native to this part of Spain, and produces light, refreshing white wines that can have some complexity when done right. Overall, it is a very interesting wine style that I believe, when paid attention to in the right way, can be something a lot of people would like.

Same for Mencia (Men-thia) except the potential Mencia has is so great that it literally drove us to come to this part of Spain. Here in a couple weeks I will do a Mencia specific post, so I will leave a lot of information about it to that.

For now let’s just say this…we went to 3 wineries that specialize in Mencia and Godello and learned that there is way more to this region than even we expected.There were churches everywhere, mountains on both sides of us, and a river that ran through the middle. The rolling hills and mountains were, again, amazing but in their own way. The soils were diverse, weather was nice and people were great.
We did happen to enjoy 2 of the wineries a lot more than the 3rd, but don’t want to get to much into that at this point.

We ate lunch with one of the winemakers in town, and had ham made from beef, octopus, steak, roasted local peppers, cheese, bread and tasted his wines. It was one of the best food experiences I have ever had, and it was so non chalant. The feeling was that’s just what they do there, the food came out extra fast and service was great. Not to mention, the company we were in was great as well.
 After what we would consider a mentally grueling day (yes it was amazing but it is tiring still), we hopped back in the car and are now currently about an hour away from our hotel in Madrid. A lot of travel and hustle, but another amazing day in Spain.
Tomorrow morning we awake at 5 am and head to the airport to fly to… the Canary Islands.Thanks for reading!

Until next time

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