The Water to Wines Blog – Introduction

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night! Depending upon where you are in the world. I am Keith Spreckels Jr and I am pleased to welcome you to the Water to Wines Blog!
Let’s do a quick once over about what this is, who I am and what the company my business partner and I own, does!
Maybe not in that order…let’s start with who I am first.
Over the upcoming years, I will give more and more insight into who I am so this will be a little bit of a summary to keep things moving. I grew up in Olathe, Kansas in a family of 4, including my parents and younger brother Mark. Baseball and sports were my life until college was over, and Wine has been my life ever since.
I did have a short stint as an out of work Actor when my wife and I lived in Los Angeles right after we got married, but that needs time and a bottle of wine to discuss.
I have spent the last 8 years of my life either working in restaurants selling wine, working for distributors selling wine, helping run a liquor store selling wine or helping run a distributor selling wine. So, essentially, wine is my every day!
Let’s take a step back to run over a personal note. I am the proud husband to Jillian Spreckels and have two wonderful kids, Elliott and Everett (3 and 1 respectfully), so when I am not Wine-ING, I am with them trying to be as good of a dad and husband as possible. It’s a work in progress!
Lead by my un-wavering faith in God, I made the leap to start my own business with Blair Kocher, who you will see posts from as well soon. We took all of our experiences, from every time in our lives to create the business: Aquam Vinos: Purveyors of Fine Wine & Goods. We are a people connecting company who use wines as the medium to do so. Essentially, we believe that the wine industry needed to move into a more peopled focused, digital aspect and we are here to introduce this to the world. 
The bare bones of it? We are importing wine to the United States and selling it…. but it is SO much more. I am excited… WE are excited to take  you on this journey with us and connect you to as many people throughout the world as possible.
My blog posts will be wine focused and my thought focused and I will be the main poster? Postee? Person who posts on the blog. Blair will be posting as well, and his posts will be business focused, and about his journey through learning the wine industry from a business side.
We JUST landed in Spain and will be traveling around here for the next 8 days. I will do my best to post each day about where we are, what we are doing and anything I think you could be interested to see.
I would love people to comment, email, ANYTHING! I have so much fun interacting with people and am excited to get to know everyone as we embark on what we think is what we are meant to be doing.
Well, time to head to our first winery visit. Until next time…
Keith Spreckels Jr

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