How to Buy...

We have an Online Wine Shop 

Check out our online store:! can ship to the following states:
| Alabama | Alaska | California | Florida | Idaho | Louisiana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | North Dakota | Oregon |  Washington DC | West Virginia | Wyoming |


If you don’t live in one of the states we can ship to…

If you don’t live in one of those states – or would rather shop at a store – you can always buy wines from a liquor store or wine shop in states we currently have distribution in. 
Right now you can do this in: Kansas & Missouri
Coming Soon: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Illinois
If you choose this route, do you have to go to a certain store to get a certain wine?
Technically, NO. If you have a local store where you enjoy shopping, you can go in and request they special order one of our wines for you!  Most stores will even let you do as little as one bottle! 
Use our website to research the wines, go to an event of ours to taste the wines, anything! Then use our wine list to get a feel for what the cost will be, and what is available where!
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