Why Wine?

As a brand new entrepreneur, and someone without a vast wine background, I’ve been asked this question a lot recently. “Why wine?”
A few years back I went over to a friend’s house to hangout. He opened a bottle of wine but before he poured it, he did something that I hadn’t seen anyone do before. He went into extreme detail telling about where the wine was from, who had made it, what I should be tasting, and what it would compliment if I was serving it with a meal. It was as if he had stripped away the fancy label and preconceived notions to truly show me how wonderful that bottle of wine could be. At the time I asked him if he always undressed the wine like that, with a smirk he replied, “You mean, tell you what you are drinking? Yeah, I guess I do.”
In this simple interaction, my friend Keith sparked something in me. Why do people not tell the story of the wine? I could tell it wasn’t a big deal to him but each time he did that, I felt a genuine connection to the people who created the wine, to the culture, and to the country the wine came from. Since that time I have been to Napa Valley, CA, Tuscany, Italy, and Bordeaux, France, among other wine regions. The one thing I realized in each setting was how passionate the people are about the wine they make. A passion which rarely translates to a label on a bottle.
5 and a half years after Keith first “undressed” a bottle of wine for me, he told me his plan to connect people through wine. We were drinking a glass of Tempranillo from Rioja and discussed all the possibilities for someone who wanted to do more than just import a few cases of wine. He concluded his thoughts with, “All I need now is someone with a business background to help me get it all started.”
I am by no means a business expert, but I was excited to partner with Keith to help connect the passion that surrounds wine to the people who drink it, regardless of their prior knowledge base. Our goal is to make wine approachable to anyone who has the desire to know more. We will travel the world to find wineries who produce quality products and have a story to tell. We are thrilled to meet new people, and try new wines. We hope you’ll join us on this journey! Our goal is to be a company that connects people from all walks of life, who happens to sell wine.

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