Lukas Van Loggerenberg

Van Loggerenberg’s entire ethos is based on a low-intervention mindset. He works out of a simple shed in a part
of Stellenbosch called Devon Valley, barrels packed higgledy-piggledy. ‘A bigger cellar would be nice but I haven’t managed to find any rich investors just yet,’ he observes wryly.

For all of van Loggerenberg’s success to date, he is quick to give credit to the various growers he works with. ‘I could not have done it without the farmers. I don’t work with any yeasts or enzymes so I need very good grapes.’
-May 1, 2019 in an interview with Imbibe
The Wines
The first vintage in 2016, Lukas Van Loggerenberg's wines tell a story of his winemaking journey through each label.
Lukas Van Loggerenberg

Wine Information Sheets

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2018 Kamaraderie Chenin Blanc

2018 Trust Your Gut Chenin Blanc

2018 Break A Leg Rosé

2018 Graft Syrah


2018 Geronimo Cinsaut

2018 Breton Cabernet Franc