Bodegas Demencia

Villafranca del Bierzo is more than a village, it is an inspiration. Through this town passed writers, aristocrats, monks, musicians, poets and other people who enjoyed their stones, their streets, and their rivers. The wines of Villafranca have a singular fame and a characteristic bouquet. It is a place with lots of rivers that feed orchards, pastures and grass, vineyards. A passing land, that has received enormous quantity of influences throughout the centuries, particularly “ducted” by Way to Saint Jacques, from Europe to Compostela. Nacho León has been making wine here since 2006, but the story has been in his heart his whole life.​
Organically Farmed
Our mission is to create a sustainable project, able to add value to our grapes, and allowing us to maintain and recover our vineyards to their best potential.

Check out the 360˚ Photos of Nacho Leon's barrel room and vineyard!

Nacho's barrel room - it's a truly small production!

The main vineyard for Bodegas Demencia.

Demencia Mencía

Demencia is not a shy wine at all, tannic, powerful, still young and sourced from a bunch of small plots of old vine - usually on slopes and on diverse soils and orientations, which adds to the complexity of the wine. There are ripe fruit aromas (without excess), some notes of Chinese ink and wet earth. The palate shows plenty of tannins, full-bodied, with a large frame; this is a powerful wine that should develop slowly in bottle and require powerful food.

Pyjama Mencía

Deep-Medium Purple red color. On the nose, medium to high intensity, with remarkable presence of red fruit, citrus, and hints of tropical fruit. Aging gives a mild touch of the aromas of toasted oak, almost imperceptible. Ranging from cheeses, to pork and beef, this wine is versatile and pairs well with many things. Try it with a cheeseburger and fries and thank us later!

Tinto Cachican

It is a blend of grapes – not only red ones – that were harvested early to get more acidity. The fermentation occurred spontaneous as in other wines, but as we take less quantity, the temperature is lower. More fruit, better to drink a little bit colder. Strawberries, tropical fruits and herbs are in the nose. Tasting the wine we remember the homemade wines in Bierzo houses in the past. Pairs well with white meats, like pork, chicken, or even turkey. Try as well with cheeses or charcuterie.

Taruguin Tempranillo

*RATING: 91 Points - The Wine Advocate* More arrogant, independent, very elegant and deep, it is a great expression of an area and an old vineyard that we work organically. With a nose that mixes mint and chalk sensations, the 2015 Taruguin feels quite different from the 2014. The fruit is ripe without excess, the oak is neatly integrated and there is better balance and less rusticity on the palate. There are abundant tannins that are going to require some time in bottle to be rendered invisible. A powerful Tempranillo! Pairs well with the classic, grilled meat dishes of the region. Lamb or beef lead the way, but can also be had with many game dishes, as well as hearty stews and the like. Ribera del Duero D.O.