Bodegas Nieto de Señora María

Family winery founded in 2017, created by 4 brothers in a small town called Navandrinal framed in the Sierra de Gredos Moutains in Ávila (Spain). What began with the last will of his beloved grandmother, elaborating in her own garage, became a wonderful reality in a few months. The peculiarity and exclusivity of wines encouraged them to recover century-old vineyards in the area that produce extraordinary wines and constitute an experience for the senses. The passion inherited by his family has made their philosophy: Production of natural wine with the greatest quality. Taken care of and pampered to the smallest of details with the aim that wine itself is someone who tells you history, expresses the region and is marvelous to drink.
The Wine
It is our goal, to produce honest, natural, quality wines that reflect the environment where they are produced and the nature that surrounds them. We work every day to achieve it, with the hope of sharing it with you so that you can enjoy it as we do!
The Vineyard
In our development of the vineyard, we had to try a harmonious balance between the result and the essence. We had to get the wine to imagine the vineyard, the environment, the nature that produces it.

Wine Information Sheet

2017 Avaviento Garnacha

This wine reflects the true characteristics of the D.O. Cebreros district in the Sierra de los Gredos Mountains. Remarkable intensity & great fruit while showing flavors of terroir as well, with noticeable effect from the fennel & scrublands. Medium-bodied, fresh and easy to drink on the palate, with perfect balance between acidity & alcohol. This wine is a joy to drink! It pairs well with an outdoor barbecue, or even a cheeseburger! Pairs with many things on all ends of spectrums, including white meats & heavier fish dishes as well!

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