Rexach Baques

Pere Baqués Rafecas began making quiet wines at the end of the barber’s shop and the town’s dance hall, run by his parents. That’s how our story began. In 1910 the company starts, and it is he who carries out the fi­rst excavation of the cava in search of optimum conditions for a good aging of those wines. At the moment, the cellars are run by Montse Rexach Peixó, which is faithful to origins and contributes to the cellars a generational change worthy of a family tradition
The Wine
The cavas that are made in Rexach Baqués are the result of constant work where tradition and renewal are mixed. The grapes come from one of the coolest areas of Penedès and are native varieties that transmit personality: Xarel-lo, Macabeu and Parellada. Xarel-lo brings strength and vigor to the blend, Macabeu's balance and Parellada's elegance and aroma.
More Information
Winemaker: Montse Rexach
The cavas are made by Montse Rexach Peixó, who continues faithful to some origins and contributing to the cavas a generational change worthy of a family tradition.
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Check out these 360˚ photos of Rexach Baques!

Walking through the caves of Rexach Baques gives a great look into how the wines are made! Montse and her husband show teach us about the history of the winery as we navigate through the 14 meter deep caves.

These are the vineyards of Rexach Baques. You can even see the table with some Rose awaiting!

Brut Imperial Reserva

Yellow straw with new gold reflections and very fine bubbles. Smooth and elegant aroma, apple accompanied by nuts and smoke. In the mouth it is tasty and creamy with a good acidic & sweet balance. It's finished with a long, soft aftertaste. It pairs well with something as simple as asparagus or greens, to a classic eggs and bacon breakfast. Even a charcuterie board! This is as versatile as it gets!

Brut Nature Gran Reserva

RATING: 91 Points from Guía Peñin Mineral touches and elegance, totally dry without sugars added. Parenting notes and integrated bubbles; a true Winery icon, introduced by the 3rd generation, by Pedro Rexach Baqués. Of the first elaborated Brut Nature. For the great lovers of Cava. It pairs well with oysters or other fish in the raw, as well as integrated fish dishes, like paella.

Brut Rosé

Soft and elegant, with fresh aromas.The fineness of Pinot Noir planted in our lands only for this Rosado. Introduced by the fourth generation, Montse Baques Peixo. Pairs well with shell fish, white fish, cheese, cured meats, or even a nice, sunny day. Specifically, Fuet, the local cured meat of the region.

Gran Carta Brut

Freshness and youth gives off this cava sincere and soft that expresses the first years of Rexach Baqués. Pairing: Have fun with this wine! Pair it with cheeses, meats or anything you think. OR, try it with fried chicken. Trust us. Popeyes even. This will change your life.

Pere Baques Gran Reserva

Elaborated by Montse Rexach with motive of the centenary of the winery. They are saved 900 bottles approximately of each add for long crianzas starting 60 months. Express the delicacy obtained with the time spent in the cellar and character from the old vineyards of the estate. It pairs well with older, nuttier more complex cheese, even rich shell fish like lobster.

La Mina Macabeu

Made from 100% Macabeu and is 100% organic. Grapes were harvested by hand and then gently pressed and fermented at 17ºC to preserve the aromas from the Macabeu grape. With hints of melon and citrus, and nice acidity, this wine pairs perfectly with fresh seafood such as shrimp and lobster or a light pasta dish.